The Mainstream Stars Universe is the main universe in the Stars Comics. It is the main place were most of the stories take place, and has all the same features as our own Universe, but with obviously different things as-well, 

History Edit

The universe was created by The omnipotent one , and follows the creation account given in the Bible, then everything else is the same in history, people, places, and historical events. 

Superheroes Edit

Superheroes are a major part of this universe. They are often characterised as people who use there powers to fight against crime and injustice. While some superheroes keep there true identities a secret, some don't and openly exspose there identities to others. The occasionally battle Super-Villians, and most of the time win. 

Features Edit

Same features as our own earth, same people, same places, same historic events, etc. 

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