Lightning Flash is a super-hero who fights crime in New York. He was born as Allen Woods, who was a run-away orphan looking for help. When he came across a mysterious former FBI agent who took him in. When Woods was 20, his adopted mother was murdered. So, he became Lighting Strike to find the killer. Although he lacks superhuman capablilites, he uses his skills, intellect, and equipment to inforce the law. 


Smart, stron-willed, just


Allen Woods is an Afro-Carribian male with black hair and brown eyes. He has a muscular build and is 186cm/6'2 and weighs 100kg/200ibs. While as Lighitnig Flash, he wares a white leotard with a cowl-mask and a cape. He also wares blue trunks, boots, and gloves, as-well as a orange utility belt. He also wares orange goggles. 

Powers and Abilities 


  • Indomitable Will: Due to religous/moral beliefs, he is a strong willed person. 
  • Master Level Martial Artist
    • ​Taekwondo
    • Wing-Chung
    • Dragon Style Kung Fu
    • American Boxing/Kickboxing 
    • Krav-Maga
    • Hapkido
  • ​Athletesism:
    • ​Gymnastics 
    • Acrobatics
    • Parkour 
  • ​Physical Conditioning:
    • ​Strength
    • Speed
    • Agility 
    • Reflexes
    • Stamina 
    • Endurance 
  • ​Genius Intelligence Level:
    • ​Pylomath 
  • ​Weapons Proficensy: 
    • ​All man made weapons 
  • ​Veichle Exspert 



  • Projectiles:
    • ​Ninja Stars 
    • Boomeranges 
  • ​Fire Arms 
    • .22 Handgun 
  • ​Ammo:
    • ​Rubber/"Mercy Bullets"/Stun Blasts


  • Allen is a protestant