Lady Liberty
Name Lynda Long
Age 24
Height 153cm/5'5
Weight 58kg/130ibs
Hair Color/Style Long, Black
Eye Color Brown
Ethnicity Asian
Nationality American
Birthdate October 3rd
Occupation/Job Superhero, Government Agent
Likes Fighting Crime, Patriot (John Johnson)
Dislikes Evil, terrorist
Affiliations The Americans (Team)
Created By Lee Ericson
Lady Liberty is a superhero who was originally fighting crime in New York City, until she was recruted by the army to help fight against international terror alongside a team known as The Americans (Team). Born in Manhattan, she witnessed her father murdered right infront of her. She then used her powers to capture the crook. Deciding that she could make a difference after watching news reports about Hero Force of America, she adopted the name Lady Liberty and began to fight against crime. 


Asian female, athletic frame


Strong Willed,

Powers and Abilities 

Superhuman Physiology:

  • Superhuman Strength: Able to lift around 25-50 tons. 
  • Superhuman Speed: Capable of flying at amazing speeds. 
  • Invulnerability 
  • Flight 
  • Energy Blasts 


  • Indomitable Will: Due to religous and moral beliefs, she is very strong willed. 
  • Enhanced-Level Fighting Skills 
  • Gifted Intelligence Level 
  • Leadership 


  • Lynda is a Protestant